Sep 28, 2011

hurmm...feel hungry suddenly ..
talk about food ?? i'm a food lover ok !!
heee...well, i got something to share with you guys ..
love to eat sizzling ??
i got 1 place where you guys can find sizzling.
this place is located at kota damansara..
"ayob cafe"..have u guys heard before ??
it is 2 story corner house that serve you with variety of sizzling and chop..
for me ??
i'll go for chicken and fish shop.

weee...nice rite ??
this cafe only open at 7 till late night ..
you guys can also go for lamb chop, burger, etc..
plus the place is totally awesome retro theme..
hee..u can find a lot of vintage things there..
want to try ??
just click the link below to get to the map ok ..
and let me know how was it..

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